Monday, July 9, 2012


So many lovely projects out there in the pinterest world. And I am just loving the terrariums. 
I have been wanting to try my hands on these for a long time.. 

So here it is.  My first ever terrarium I have made. and love it.. Gonna make some more.. may be one for office .. and one for each corner I can find to place it in.. 
Just joking .. but sure some more! 

Here's another view of the bench! 

Some more pictures of the terrarium

Did you notice the little spade in the above picture.. 
These little one's are too cute.. 
I found them at my Local Pat Catan's store in Doll house section! 

Do you see that little duckling in there?

Please share your thoughts and suggestions! 

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  1. How that is supper cute! Where in the world did you find that cute little bench? Your terranium turned out super cute!

    1. Thanks Terry, That bench is from Pat Catan's . But I guess you could find it in any crafts store!!

  2. oh my gosh.. this is impressive.. Its so nice that you ventured and tried it out.. LOVELY..

    Thanks for linking into Made with Love.. :)

    1. Thanks Patricia! I enjoyed doing it a lot!


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