Thursday, November 3, 2011


I love pottery, the feeling of wet clay on the hands. I have been taking pottery classes every fall for the last 2 years and will continue taking them till I can.

This year I was more into hand built pottery than wheel throwing. But for my next class I plan to focus more on wheel thrown mugs, bowls and stuff.

Following are some of the pictures of some of my hand built stuff and one wheel thrown mug. All waiting to be bisque fired and then glazed..

So stay tuned in for final results :)

For more pictures you can visit my other posts here and here

Small trays stamped with flower design and heart spoon

Wheel thrown mug, carved after leather hard

Another long tray stamped
Found these stamps at local Pat Catan's

Heart spoon.

another heart spoon
Hope it is as useful as it looks beautiful..

Some more hand built stuff.. may be I can make pendants out of some of those squares and rounds.

Hand built whistle turned into elephant sculpture..  


  1. Simply Amazing :)

  2. @Poonam Borkar. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. These are sooooooo gorgeous! I'm waiing to go for pottery classes as well :-)

  4. Loved it completely..... I have a craft link party at my blog Do link in if it interests you.

  5. wow all of them are beautiful.
    i m missing pottery so much..!! perhaps next year :)
    the elephant whistle is adorable..
    your stamps really came out well.


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