Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Crochet mobile pouches

I am linking here


  1. wow!! wow!! Poonam.. You do crocet too.. wow!! Those are simply stunning!!

  2. @Patricia Torres Thanks Pat. Yes I do crochet too.. I think I have a kind of ADS in arts and crafts... so I keep switching from here to there... :)

  3. wow Poonam these are beautiful..

  4. HI Poonam, I found your blog wen i was searching for ideas for a crochet mobile pouch, your designs are nice.
    Happy to stumble upon your blog. What yarn did u use?Here in India i have mainly found cotton yarn only in 2 or smtimes 3 thicknesses...nothing more than that, or i donno if im ignorant. Guess you bought ur yarn frm the US?
    Btw im an Architect by profession and an ardent crocheter too :)

  5. @MubmajThanks. I have used all yarn from US. I am not sure what will be the equivalent of that in India.

  6. Wow it is simply beautiful. When I was searching for mobile pouch model by Crocheting I found this one. I got some idea. Thanks for sharing the photos.


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