Monday, October 26, 2009

Sanskar Bharati Rangoli!!

I am a great fan of the Sanskar Bharti Rangoli, since the day I started learning it.. It was so much fun and exhilarating experience for me.. Since then whenever I had to do a rangoli someweher, my first choice was ofcourse SanskarBharati..

I enjoyed it so much that, I also started teaching it at one place in Saswad(India). For this I took a bus, had a long one and half hr drive to and fro from my home. But I did it patiently for the love of it!

Then I moved to US. Getting the required material for rangoli in bulk (If you know sanskar bharati.. it needs a lot of plain colors and whole lot of rangoli.) is a bit difficult. So I was trying to find other options... Colored sand.. U can find that in US.. but colors are not as bright as plain colors you get in India.

But anyways, it worked.. And here are a few rangoli designs using the colored sand!

Have fun!!

Have fun!!


  1. hi i wan to laearn this rangoli ,i am from they do by hands or some instrument????

    write me

    1. You normally do it with hand, but now a days you even get a rangoli pen and other stuff that you can use to do it!


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