My Pinterest List

My list of 100 DIY tasks from Pinterest that I plan to do

  1. birthday interview book for the little one
  2. A  quite book  with pages like this, this and this for the little one
  3. Sew this cute skirt for myself
  4. Make family photo year books
  5. Make this cute paper heart wall art for the little one's BR
  6. Birthday cards book / folder
  7. Make a crochet skirt
  8. Granny square crochet skirt
  9. Homemade fruit strips or fruit rollups .. 
  10. Headbands holder 
  11. Plant lemon seeds in a cup for office desk
  12. Make self watering seed starter pots
  13. Make these lovely crochet boot cuffs
  14. Make a shoe lace practice board for the little one!
  15. Coat Tree
  16. A mint jeans
  17. Sewing: Secured towels for the kitchen
  18. Sewing:  A hooded towel for my little one!
  19. Sewing:  A patchwork sack bag
  20.  A scarf holder made from hanger and shower curtain rings
  21. Sewing: A dance bag for little one taking inspiration from this or this or this or this
  22. Sewing: A piano bag for little one taking inspiration from this or this or this or this
  23. A daily /weekly menu board like this or this or this
  24.  Homemade finger paints 
  25.  Homemade doodle paint
  26.  A drip pan magnet board
  27. Craft room : Paper storage
  28. Craft room: Ideas Board
  29. Craft room: Marker / pens / stuff storage 
  30. Sight Word game to help reading 
  31. DIY Wrap bracelet 


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